New Website, New Flavours! (must read)

While been in the process of developing our new website, we have been busy extending our product ranges!

We are pleased to announce that we are bringing out not just one, but THREE new product ranges for the #VenomVapesFam to try.

#1 Our first new line is The Sweet Squad

Ever craved a sugary snack, but don’t want to ruin your diet?

The Sweet Squad range has got you covered! You choose the sweet to suit your mood.


‘Bubz’ – Bubblegum flavour which tastes exactly like your favourite Squashy Sweet. Swizzels inspired us with their famous Drumstick Squashy sweet, to create an e-liquid which would make your taste buds tingle in the exact same way!

‘Jolly Jokester’- The Apple flavoured sweet which quite literally melts in your mouth. Jolly Jokester was inspired by more than one of your favourite apple chews. We took inspiration from Chewits, Millions and the Old Fashioned BonBons you ate as a kid, to create this truly mouthwatering flavour.

‘Mr Glace’- consisting of a chestnut candied in sugar syrup and glazed.

‘Pear Face’- For this one, we’re going retro! Pear Face is quite literally the pear drop sweets you loved as a kid. You know, the ones your Grandma would always keep on the table! We’ve kept the flavour traditional and you can taste half the pink and half the yellow drop. No one can say no to these!

‘Psycho Squashy’- Another liquid inspired by the world famous Swizzles! But this time, their classic Drumstick sweet. Drumsticks are an all-time classic, and you bet, this liquid tastes so much like the original sweet you’re likely to think your eating one!

#2 Up next is Minetto

Minetto is a one-off flavour (possibly just for now😏) but can you guess what has inspired this unique new e-liquid flavour?

Mint Cornetto of course!

The flavour of Minetto is so distinctive, it can be described in only 6 words:

Sweet, Soft, Freezing and Super Yummy! (hmm, and minty maybe!)

But it’s important to know that the mint doesn’t overtake the ice cream flavour! This one is a must try this winter!

#3 Professor Vapes Rebrand

The professor has been busy too, so busy that he’s given our much-loved Professor Vapes range a whole new re-brand. He’s gone even crazier than ever! Don’t worry, the Professor has kept the same great flavour.. the bottles just look even more awesome!