Three Benefits To Vaping

There are major benefits if you wish to move from smoking to vaping. Here are three of the biggest.

With the dangers of smoking well documented over the past half-century, vaping has increasingly been adopted as a safe alternative by individuals as well as healthcare services.

This includes the NHS, which advocate the significant risk reduction of using vape supplies compared with cigarettes.

However, beyond this, there are other major benefits if you wish to move from smoking to vaping. Here are three of the biggest.

No Smells

There was a time in only the recent past where every pub, bar, taxi and train was filled with the smell of stale smoke and tobacco, but nowadays if you smoke a cigarette it can uncomfortably cling to every piece of textile around you.

Vaping, on the other hand, does not have an enduring smell, and with most vape juices both tasting and smelling delightful, you can avoid the issue of smelling like an ashtray.


The price of addiction can add up. Smokers on average smoke 11 cigarettes a day, and therefore this typical smoker will spend £1700 per year on cigarettes alone, which is a considerable amount of many people’s wages.

Whilst vaping costs more than smoking upfront, as you need to buy your device, components and vape juice before you start, the costs are considerably cheaper in the long run.

The average vaper will diffuse around 10ml of e-liquid a week, which would add up to £364 per year depending on what kind of vape juice you use.

This makes it considerably cheaper than cigarettes in nearly every respect other than the upfront cost.

A Flavour For Every Taste

Flavoured cigarettes were the exception, rather than the rule, and outside of perhaps menthol, are quite difficult to find outside of dedicated smoking shops.

With vaping, there are as many flavours as you could possibly imagine, with an endless supply of different takes on classic sweets, fruits, menthols and different kinds of tobacco tastes.

The flavour hits instantly too, due to how differently vaping works compared to smoking.