Top Tips To Help Stop Smoking

Stopping smoking is a hugely positive step to take in your life, and there are a lot of people, tools and treatments available to help you make this transition.

There will be times when it will not be easy when you can feel withdrawal symptoms kick in. However, every small step you take to reduce the amount you smoke is positive, and there are ways to help you quit entirely.

Everyone’s journey is different, but here are some top tips to help you stop smoking.


Keep Your Hand Busy

For many people, it takes a long time to unlearn a lot of habits they associate with smoking, so one way to help with this is to keep your mind and body busy.

Nicotine gum and patches can help with the cravings, and a trip to an e-liquid shop with an e-cigarette will help with the physical aspects of the addiction.

Just holding your drink in the hand you used to use for smoking can help.


Create Five Minute Strategies

According to the NHS, a cigarette craving lasts around five minutes, so make a list of tasks that last five minutes you can do instead of smoking. Going to the bar, dancing, playing a game on your phone, all of these can help during the cravings.


Keep To Hand Why You’re Quitting

Make a list of reasons why you decided to give up smoking and read it if you are struggling. Having a reminder to hand can help as well if you are out and about.


Think Positive

Tobacco addiction is partly a physical addiction (to the nicotine) and partly a psychological one.

The first 48 hours are when the physical withdrawal can be at its worst, so once you get past that first week, it will get easier, and you have proven how strong your willpower is. Keep it up.