Top Tips When Learning Vape Cloud Tricks

People take up vaping and pick up vape supplies for many reasons.

For some, it is an important step to moving away from cigarettes, for others it is about the taste or the feel.

For some, however, it’s all about the vape clouds.

Vape clouds are both lighter and larger than cigarette smoke, meaning that not only is it easier to perform tricks and blow cool designs with the vape, but you can also create some really cool looks, especially if you have someone with an eye for photography capturing the moment.

Here are some top tips for learning vape cloud tricks.

Learn The French Inhale

Nobody is quite sure quite why it is known as the French inhale, but it is a great, simple but impressive trick to learn.

Essentially, how it works is that you take a deep inhale, let it sit in your mouth for a little bit then gently slide your jaw forward so it gently releases out of your mouth and travels up your nose.

The Ghost Hit Is The Basic Of Most Tricks

Typically, when it comes to really elaborate vape clouds, the ghost hit is a central technique and learning how to do it consistently not only looks very cool but can also be used to chain multiple different tricks together.

It is as simple as building up a big hit, slowly exhaling and then quickly bringing it back in, before setting up another trick. It looks great on its own but is the core of many more elaborate tricks.

Don’t Exhale When Making A Smoke Ring

For most people learning smoking tricks, the perfect puff of a smoke ring is the main goal.

The great thing about vaping is that you can make some especially huge smoke rings with a dense enough hit, although the technique to do them is different to what one might expect.

You take a normal hit and hold it in the back of your throat, pushing your tongue back into your throat and keeping it there. Create an “o” shape with your lips as close to your teeth as possible and let the smoke out slowly, as if having a slight cough.

It will force the puffed smoke out in the shape of a ring.