VApril’ Campaign Goes Online For 2021

The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) has launched VApril 2021, the annual awareness campaign to help smokers transition to vaping. The month-long initiative is now in its fourth year, and will most take place online this year, due to the pandemic restrictions. Vaping businesses, retailers, and other outlets are supporting the cause.

The UKVIA has produced a guide, Switch on to Vaping, to help educate traditional cigarette users about the benefits of switching to vaping. Public Health England (PHE) has stated that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. Therefore, the vaping industry plays a huge role in helping smokers make the switch to using e-cigarettes.

Long-term Vape user Chas Barr said: “I began vaping fully around six years ago. I had previously tried different nicotine substitutes without success. When e-cigarettes came on to the market, I found that vaping was the most effective for me and easy to adapt to.”

“I’ve helped several friends and family members also switch to vaping. It really is very easy. I would recommend that smokers use the opportunity of VApril and find out what they need to make the switch from smoking.”

As participating vaping cafes and shops reopen on the 12 April, they will provide expert in-store advice on how to successfully break health-damaging smoking habits, and transition to using e-cigarettes.

John Dunne, Director General of UKVIA, points out that in every region of the country, adult quit rates are higher with the use of vaping than with other products. In Yorkshire and the Humber, this is as high as an impressive 78%.

Dunne addressed concerns that the disruption of the past 12 months had triggered some ex-smokers to relapse. He encouraged all smokers looking for ways to quit to visit the VApril website, or one of the participating stores.


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